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De vieux immeubles à Charlottetown
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Fountain at the start of University on Grafton
The City of Charlottetown is a wonderful community of over 33,000 people located on the south side of Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown, PEI is the capital city of Prince Edward Island, and is called the "Birthplace of Confederation" after the historic 1864 Charlottetown Conference which ended up to Confederation - good thing.

Charlottetown's War Memorial Monunent.
Located at the top of University Avenue on Grafton Street this monument is honoured to the people who took part in World War I (One) and World War II (Two) and the Korean Conflict.

Accomodation in Charlottetown
Charlottetown has about fifteen hotels, motels, and bed & breakfasts with top quality meeting facilities to accommodate holiday and business travelers who visit the city of Charlottetown year after year.
The Government of PEI's powerful Accommodations Search and Online Reservation System will help you find just what you're looking for. Search by type, date, location, features, rating, cost and keyword - great resource.

Charlottetown celebrates its status as the “Birthplace of Confederation” in many distinct ways. As a very lively cultural centre, attractions range from musicals, historical tours, theatre sessions and stage covering Celtic Music, jazz Music, pop music and similar types. Charlottetown is a base to many excellent galleries, specialty shops, and product tours. When visiting the Capital, make sure to visit historic and cultural entities of this amazing city.

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