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Fishing in Canada could be divided in two different groups: Salt Water Fishing and Lake Fishing. Some people would say fishing is fishing but salt water fishing in Canada is quite different from lake fishing especially in Canada. For example fly fishing is typical fishing type technique used in rivers, even though it could be used on see as well. There are many other differences between salt water fishing and lake fishing in Canada which you probably know about already.

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Largest Lakes in Canada - Great Canadian fishing resource
  • Lake Huron (Ontario Canada / USA) - 36,000 km2 belongs to Canada.
  • Great Bear Lake (Northwest Territories Canada) - 30764 km2.
  • Superior Lake (Ontario Canada / USA) - 28,748 km2 belongs to Canada.
  • Great Slave Lake (Northwest Territories Canada) - 27048 km2.
  • Lake Erie (Ontario Canada / USA) - 12,768 km2 belongs to Canada.
  • Lake Winnipeg (Manitoba Canada) - 23,760 km2.
  • Ontario Lake (Ontario Canada / USA) - 10 334 km2 belongs to Canada.

  • (Superior Lake in Canada is the second largest lake in the world).

    Largest and longest rivers in Canada - another Canadian fishing resource
  • Mackenzie River - 4,241 kilometers.
  • Yukon River 3,185 - kilometers.
  • St. Lawrence River - 3,058 kilometers.
  • Nelson River - 2,575 kilometers.
  • Columbia River - 2,000 kilometers.
  • Churchill River - 1,609 kilometers.
  • Fraser River - 1,370 km.
  • Ottawa River - 1,271 km.

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