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Subject: Time after ROLF

Does anyone know how timeline for PP after ROLF from Buffalo ?

Has anyone goten a PP request recentley ?

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I paid the ROLF in june 2005 after getting a letter to pay rolf, At that time i was told in this forum and other experienced people including a well known lawyer, that i should expect ppr in 4 to 8 weeks of time.

But no news from our friends at buffalo till date for ppr or any other matter.

yep, thats the way it is.

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Same. My file was complete in June 05. Buffalo replied to an email that it will be ready for finalization in "early 2006." It seems like things used to move faster, but you can expect a number of months wait. Sorry, Sam.
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Early 2006... I paid my ROLF in Sept. So I ma probably looking at the same timeline. Woinder how the new case affect us.


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