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Subject: Visa Quotas and Delay
  Frustrated waiting to hear from CIC I´d believe anything.

Do you think the Quota´s are affecting the visa backlog? The unexpected amount of BG checks we have seen this year - do you think it is because CIC does not want to issue anymore visas or control them so they have put extras on hold or delay until medicals expire?

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I don´t know. But it is true, there is a quota, specially i got a letter. In this forum some of my friend has wirtten that i will got it in earlier 2006. What is your time line
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unbelieveable best luck

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i already waited for 8 month since i submitted my last step docs, i am hoping to get my pp request soon
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Where you applied?
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Does the Quota applies for family class as well?

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no quota for family class. it looks like they adjust parental sponsorships to balance out spousal.

as for BG checks... the crazier our world gets the longer the checks become. Sad to say if you are coming from a high risk country and you are Muslim and under 35... expect a long background check. US puts big pressure on Canada to know who comes into the country and once you are in... it is almost impossible to get you out so they make sure they know exactly who you are before they request your passport.

sad reality. my guy gets stuck in this reality too.

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those several cases which related to Canadian citizens sent back to Syria by U.S and got torture proved that Canada usually obey what U.S directs towards so-called "national security"

departure bay
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Sad.. I don´t even fit the profile. Not a Muslim but yeah under 35.. and have been cleared by FBI several times.. I still donot get it what the deal is
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is it true that delays & quota thing depends on the consulate handling your documents?

Like me for instance, i had batchmates (interview) who passed last March 2005. Some of them received notice of delay not until early 2006.some of them received PPR so fast..some of them already landed in Canada last August....

What i am so sure, we have different consulate conducted our interview..

Is it possible that every consulate has their own quota for the year?

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yes, each consulate has a prescribe share of PR applications based upon previous years demand and some sort of formula that only CIC officials likely understand


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