need ask about proof of funds....pls

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Subject: need ask about proof of funds....pls
  dear all,
i´m new here in the forum and found out that this forum is the most helpful community rather than hiring a lawyer myself ; every issues is updated and you guyz are supporting each other.
my family and I were applying for PR under skilled worker. Here is my time line :
1. application sent on 5/12/05
2. got AOR 6/2/05
3. got a letter asking me to take IELTS 6/21/05
4. took IELTS 7/23/05
5. IELTS results 7/26/05 (it was OK, 7.5)
6. IELTS sent by USPS 8/1/05
7. Wait for further action from CIC

I enclosed all the docs as many as I could, except I enclosed the copy of Stock Options certificate.I didn´t have enough funds in my checking acc but I got enough in my stock option. Does anybody have any idea? Will the CIC accept my proof of funds document? Since what I got from this forum they consider to ask the proof of funds later? I was surprised that CIC has been processing my application faster than I expected. Lucky me. But I am worry about the proof of fund being rejected...
Thanks for your help and stay cool you guyz!!!!!!!

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i think it should be fine, as long as the market value is enough
departure bay
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Seems like everything is fast for you..

how could you get IELTS results in just 3 days? Usually it takes 13 days. I gave IELTS 7/23 too and still waiting for results.

Regarding Funds, don´t forget canadian dollars are less worth than US$, I made a mistake to think in US$ before..

Good Luck

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I took IELTS in the city where I live. They told us it will be sent to us within 10 days. May be it was not so rough candidates at the moment so everything was speedy. first I didn´t notice that the required funds was in Canadian $$. But still I had to proove that I´m able to cover family of 5, which was about $15,000 (I forgot the exact amount).
thanks y´all for your kind reply. GBU.

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If they are not convinced they will ask for proof of funds again, may be later on.
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