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Hi, al: I just attended an security interview in Buffalo. The interview took 3 hours to finish. I am wondering if you have got the PP request letter. I applied in April of 2002. Totally 3.5 years and still nothing.
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what you mean security interview? sounds like investigation or something
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I did attend the security interview three and a half months back and came out with a good sense and understanding of why the interview was conducted. Very recently, I got a request for RPRF from the consulate. I had not paid the RPRF because you can hold on to that till the last minute when CIC actually requests for that. So I am hoping that the outcome must have been positive given that was the last piece remaining. I am awaiting the PP request and have the same time line as yours.
It just depends when the CIC is going to review your file again after the security interview and whether you answersd all their questions truthfully and to their satisfaction. I knew from CAIPS report that after the security interview, my file would only be reviewed in June (2 months later). So hang on.. and hopefully things will work out.


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