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I am an electronics engineer with a MBA (Post graduate business management)planning to apply for immigration to canada. I would like to know how to get my MBA degree assessed. Is there any professional organisation like P.Eng for business management?

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My Advice...forget friend MBA from Symbi is ideal from 1 yr after immigating..doing jobs like driver for living..he was working as Managaer in Pune.Rest is ur wish..but that´s true.
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Don?t care what anybody said, keep on, you will find your bright future.
They wanted you to be disappointed. And they don?t care about others feelings.
Some people think that you are going to be their rival or competitor. Some of them are using this forum to laugh at others or ridicule others nationalities as if they are all Americans.
Just ask them ,Applying to Canada Immigration , why?
then you will listen to thier songs .
Try: The International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES)
Good luck

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thanks for the information on evalaution.I

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I am working as a Assistant Registrar ( Administration or Managerial job) in university ( Institute Of Southern, Punjab, Multan, Pakistan) of pakistan & i am also going to complete my MBA(HR) degree in feb.2011. Before this job i had total work experience of 2 years in two firms of pakistan. i had also a bank statement of more than 3million.
Me and my wife wants immigration of canada. My sister is also going soon to canada, her husband is in canada and have citizenship. My aunt (Mother´s sister) is also canadian & they all are ready to support me regarding my settlement.
Kindly if possible do guide me for my permanent settlement in canada.

Rao Jehanzeb Wajid Khan

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