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Subject: Copies of Documents from Sponsored Person

I am about to sponsor my wife under family class.

There are several documents which are requested by CIC as "Copies" and some as oringinals (ie, police clearances)

For the copies (passport, divorce certificates, marriage certificates, baptismal cert, birth cert etc...) do these have to be Notarized photo copies, or just regular photo copies?

Of course, I know the translations must be certified, but what about the photo copies of the documents?

Thanks in advance,


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It depends which visa office will handle your wife´s case. Some of them do not require notarized copies. For example, Buffalo office doesn´t seem to care much but Beijing office would definitely require notarized copies.

Just a suggestion from my personal experience: in case the copies of your passport pages with entry/exit seals required, it is good idea to copy ALL pages and get them ALL notarized. I have sent only the pages with entry/exit but afterwards was asked to submit ALL pages notarized.

I also was advised by someone ( I believe on this board) that banks can notarize copies as well and for free. Ask your branch. I think lawyers charge horrendous money for notary service.

Good luck, Dave!

Lighthouse Family

Lighthouse Family
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Thanks. That was my thinking... better safe than sorry... Just get them notarized.

My wife lives in Colombia, and the embassy said nothing about notarizing copies. Here, there is civil law, and the country is run by hundreds of "Notaries". It would cost me about $3.50 CAD to have a notarized copy of any document. Not too bad.



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Hello Dave

I have been sponsored by my wife , and I am in the middle of my PR process. (CIC is doing my backgrgound check at this point).

Where we sent both applications (sponsorship and PR) the only copies that I sent were fotocopies of my passport as a prove of trips together .The rest of the documents such as birth certificate , marriage cert , police records were originals. Just to avoid any delay .
Of course these documents were translated into English for a certified translator and authenticated by the Costa Rican government( yup! I am Costa Rican) and by the Canadian embassy here as well.

BTW , the Canadian embassy in Guatemala is the one who is in charge of Immigration visas for most of the Central american countries.

Cheers eh!

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Colombia has its own Canadian embassy which gives VISAs for Colombia and Ecuador (and as my wife just pointed out, we are in South America, not Central LOL!).

I am kind of happy there is the "notary" system of laws here, and Colombia actually has a strict standard for certified translators. The same notaries that make notaries copies and issue birth, marriage, divorce certs also have there own legally certified translators.

So, muy bien, its final, no plain Jane photocopies from me... I am getting them all notarized.

Muchas gracias se?or!


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That?s great , I didn?t know that.

Good luck chief!

what I need to get married with a person who lives in Guatemala (in reply to: Copies of Documents from Sponsored Person)

I would like to know what paper work or things I need to have in order to marry someone here in Guatemala?
I´m a Canadian Citizen but was born in Mexico, went to live in canada when I was 2...And now I moved to Guatemala and want to get married here but don´t know what things to do...I read where it said you need:
1.certifict of birth (i have that but its from Mexico, and the rest of my documents are canadian so i don´t know if i have to present that or not, or am I suppose to get married as a Mexican or a Canadian (I want to get married as a Canadian) )
2.certificte of not being married before
3.It needs to be sign by someone(not sure who?)
4.put it on the newpapers(does it have to be done?)

Are those the steps or are there more...could you please explain them to me and tell me step by step what i have to do?
Thanks for your attention,hope to hear from you soon!


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