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  Dear Friends
I wanted to know if getting my educational qualifications evaluated by some academic credential agency and getting the canadian equivalent would be of any use to find employment etc...do u suggest it is of any use..i got a list of agencies doing it...which one is advisable..

Thank You

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I don´t know about having them evaluated... so long as its useful to you, then yeah.

Getting Canadian equivalents will most definitely help. This may invole a lot of time, and repeating a lot of your studies.

I remember in my first year of mechanical engineering... it was first year physics and everyone bombed the mid term. Some Indian guy got perfect and we were all blown away? I had a chat with him, and he already had his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from India (with a near perfect GPA). Here he was, answering multiple choice questions about frictionless 2 dimensional pendulums in a room full of 18 and 19 year olds. He said he studied for about 20 minutes for the exam, and spent most of his time during physics lectures to study French.

I graduated with him 4 years later. I was 22, he was 31.


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