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Subject: Do u guys think that the recent terrorist bo...
Do u guys think that the recent terrorist bombing in U.K will make the Canadian Immigration Procedure more tight and eventually make it take longer time?

I heard that the Presidential Election made it more time consuming?

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I sure hope it will awake the Canadians and their government to this fact. They better carefully think when they are callously importing tens of thousands of moslems from all corners of the globe each month into Canada. Eventually, Canada may become exceedingly hostile to the US by becoming, not unlike Pakistan, a great haven for terrorism. Except, Canada is in the backyard of the US, while Pakistan is somewhat far away. It is sometimes very difficult to make sense of the senseless hate that Canadians exude toward the US.
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FYI Canada does not have a Presidential Election, Canada has a Prime minister

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Be a little careful with your rash statements.

One, please prove that Canadan is "callously" importing anyone?

Tens of thousands of muslems each month? There are only about 20,000 immigrants each month. Many are from South America, Europe, US, non muslem countries in Asia and Africa. Do you think a Canadian ban on muslems (which our great nation would never do... we are better than that) would stop world terrorism? Would this not let the terrorist get what they want (everyone living in fear and making idiotic, rash decisions?).

How many Irish people were banned from Canada, when the IRA was blowing up shopping malls and pubs in London?

Why is Canada suddenly a great haven for terrorism? What about the majority of North American terrorism cells that exist within the USA itself. Oh, how Americans love to look the other way and blame Canada, world renowned for being a rouge nation breeding world terrorism, hate, death and destruction!

Not only that, but the USA does nothing to secure its southern border. If poor Mexicans can just walk into Arizona, why couldn´t a terrorist? Why blame Canada? They don´t even protect 80% of their southern border, but blame Canada for having under trained staff at there border (even though, to get into the US you must go through INS booths, not CIC booths)

Senseless hate towards Americans?? What are you talking about? Very very very few Canadians "HATE" Americans. Sure, our cultural pride seems focused on not being American, we like to make jokes about them, we are proud to be in Canada and not the US... but hate? Who? Who HATES Americans in Canada? Whay aren´t Canadian citizens flying planes into US buildings? Why don´t are countries even arm the boarder dividing us? Why can Canadians and Americans travel to each others countries for 6 months at a time without even having a passport? Why? Because we do not hate each other, and your comments are unfounded. Canada and the US have a special, peaceful, and prosperous relationship that is (or should be) the envy of the world.

Did you not see people crying in Canada after Sept 11th? I did.

Now that bombs have gone off in London from a transparent enemy, everyone will want to point fingers and blame anyone in sight. Try this... BLAME THE TERRORIST... not the CIC, the INS, or any other organization that is not murdering people on their way to work.

My 2 cents,


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To Britain,

I don´t see Canada making rash decisions based on this bombing. I think the CIC has already recognized terrorism as a global threat... like many in the G8, they know that these attacks will come, and its only a matter of where, when, and how bad.

The CIC has already gone through many changes to take terrorist into consideration. To make and rash decisions based on an attack (when they freely admit they were already helping to fight a global war on terrorism) would not be wise. If you admit you are in a war, then why be surprised to see an attack? I think Canada is not reactionary like Spain, and won´t let terrorism dictate their policies.


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By importing everyone and respecting everyone just makes Canada even less voulnarable to such attacks. Why would anyone attack someone that is peaceful and welcoming.

So, Canada should continue to accept all races and all nationalities.

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Canada is becoming home of terrorists. As such you don´t need terrorists elsewhere to dictate anything. They are aggregating and training in your country!
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dear ano... why are you on a Canadian immigration site when you think Canada is such a stupid country?
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"Canada is becoming home of terrorists."

This is why no one should watch American news. Fox news, 20/20 and 60 Minutes... all will report any nonsense to grab peoples attention. What´s worse, is people fall for it.

The US has a much worse track record than Canada. All the crap about the Sept 11 terrorist coming from Canada... these people were in the US with overstayed VISAs (and Canada is, at least, in control of the illegal problem, while the US has absolutely no plan in place to stop the hundreds of thousands who come in illegally each year, nor what to do with the 12 million illegals in their own country). These people trained in the US, planned in the US, and attacked in the US.

What did the US do to stop the IRA from raising millions of dollars in the US north east... not much.

Of course, these editorial, right wing garbage "news" programs in the US get viewers attention, and viewing time, by scaring them into thinking Canada is a huge terrorist threat. Of course, they fall for it. "Guess what I heard on 20/20??".

These shows will make a claim that "Canada is becoming a home to terrorist" and will follow it up with proof, like CIC border agents are university students. There is no legitimate proof! If there was, rest assured, the Canadian government would go after them.

"They are training in your country". WHERE? tell me? How do you know? If you know, shouldn´t the RCMP? Why don´t you just tell us where? Or are you repeating garbage you heard on the O´Reilly report? Or from Fox news (the same people who reported Saddam dead about 35 times one month during the US invasion of Iraq).


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Dear Ano

This is an immigration discussion forum where people are helping each other by sharing their experiences. I think there are big brains in CIC to take care of the issue which is of great concern to you. It will be great if we avoid using this forum for spreading hatred towards any religion or ethnic group. The good thing for the participants will be to ignore such posts rather than wasting their time on useless discussion which i think will be not of much interest to majority of the people on this forum.

Kind regards

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I personally have found that the most thorough immigration officials I have encountered were Britain and Canada. Both times I went across to the USA and back into Canada, I found the Canadian officials far more thorough with their quesitioning and requests for proof of return tickets, accommodation, proof of funds, etc etc than the US border patrol.

It surprised me somewhat because I too was under the illusion that Canada was more "relaxed" in their immigration procedures but I now think otherwise - I think the Canadian border patrol are doing a very good job.


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