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Subject: language profiency of spouse

I want to know wether it is sufficient that the principal applicant shows high language profiency or both principal applicant and spouse have to show certain language skills ?
Is the spouse also required to take the IELTS-test?
Should the spouse speak fluently in the interview?
What was your experience?


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The spouse of the Principal applicnat is NOT required to take the IELTS-test.

The principal applicant can get upto 5 additional points for the education of his/her spouse. Visit for more details.

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question for you... do you want to get into Canada- no matter what, or do you want an idea how good a chance you have of being successful as a family in this forsaken place. Most major cities require 2 incomes to survive. If your spouse is not reasonably fluent in english (or french in Quebec) then you must consider that your spouse will be forced to accept a very low paying job. You may not have any problems with CIC for immigration, but your struggle to establish yourself in Canada will not be very easy.
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hi sharon,

I showed your answer to my spouse and he?s paying his respect to you. He seriosly started working on his english for some dreams to become reality .
You?re right.
As the immigration process will take a long time, so it might be better to start it while learning (and so to be forced to learn) than to wait. Anyway, he?ll need a class after landing.


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The more you learn before, the better.

Companies in Canada cannot discrimate against age, sex, race, or relgion, but they sure can (and I agree) discrimate against people who cannot communicate in one of the two official languages.

Try to immagine a Canadian who only speaks English or French coming to your country and expecting equal opportunity. He/she can´t, because they cannot communicate with others.

The better you know either French or English (or both) the better your lives will be in Canada, 10 fold.

A common complaint is that immigrants cannot speak the language as they land. It is their children who learn the language... why not be one of the few who come to Canada with English and French skills? You will help yourselves, and Canada.

Good luck and all the best,


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Thank you. It?s a really good advise. You are going to convince my spouse ...

There also might emerge a lot of problems inside the family and partnership, if one parent always needs help of the others. Maybe teen children will loose respect; with a high probability he will not feel comfortable at all to depend on others, and outside in the struggle to survive other persons can take advantage of his lack of knowledge.

What you recommend, it was one of the reasons for me joining this forum. In addition to getting advise for application, trying to learn more about canada and being impressed by the friendly and helpful atmoshere, I started to write here (and not in a forum in my first language) in order to get used to communicate in english. It is very different only to read some english web sites (what I did first trying to revive the english I had learnt at school) than to write yourself. First you think a long time about every word to use ... you are?nt shure if you will be understood - and I don?t know how many mistakes there are in this few sentences, I only know there is a long way from profiency to proficiency and this is a polite and tolerant place for nobody brought the mistake to my notice.

But this was about me. It doesn?t solve my spouse?s problem which is not separate from me for our lives are connected for many years. It is his wish to go to canada even more than mine - so it is up to him ... and a case like ours might rarely be found in an english forum, because those immigrants which cannot speak english as they land, usually don?t post there ...

again thanks for your advise.


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