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Subject: Pls Help.....Most Urgent
  Hi Soha Here
Hope so all of u will be fine but i m really in tenstion. u know that i m waiting for interview call. today my mother said write a letter to CHC islamabad abot when they will call ur interview or my file status or etc bcoz the time mentioned CHC has been passed so now its my rite i asked abut my processing and so i want a draft or letter .
plz if u ppl have some time then plz draft a letter and send me wht i exactly mentioned on it.
plzzzz..... i m not so expert and i do not know i would write.

awaiting urs positive reply.

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can u pl tell exactlay wat is ur situation? which category u applied for and wat is time line?
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Do you know the exact time they mentioned for you to have your interview.

I don´t know how CHC islamabad processing is, but hope this helps:

Include your Full Name, Address and B number and write a letter... maybe something similar to this

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to find out the status of my application for Canadian Permanant residency since I haven´t received notice of an interview date. Earlier correspondence from you indicate that I should be receiving a date for an interview on ------ (<- mention the date they gave you here) Therefore I would like to know when I would be called for an interview.

I would greatly appreciate a prompt response to my question.

Thank you
Best Regards
(your name and signature)

Skilled Worker
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Hi skilled worker,
thanx for ur letter but they did not give me any date of interview they just mentioned that we will inform you about date and time of your now write a letter for ma.

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