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Subject: from us dv license to canadian
how do you get ur canadian driver license in ontario if you have your vilid u.s. license?
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Present your US Driver´s License for exchange.
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If the license is 2+ years old you will get the G license directly but otherwise you will have to go thru te test and stuff...

So if you have a US license less then 2 yrs old hold it until it is 2 years old and then submit it.

Ontario uses a graduating license system which is G1 (learning - after the written test), G2 (with one road test with some restrictions) and G license which is totally unrestricted license.

- HS -
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Here is all the information you need about exchanging Driver?s License.

I went to acquire about my husband getting an Ontario license (he is from Switzerland) and they told me he would have to hand over this Swiss Driver?s license and then he would automatically get the Ontario license.

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Well this may be a stupid question, but my new US drivers license was issued a year ago and older one was issued in 1999. I guess Canadians can check the US records from their system to find out total US driving experience. In absence of same, my new license does not show any records of my older / expired license and may give a false impression that I have only one year of driving experince.

Please advise.

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I have the same problem as dpsguard. I originally got a driver´s license in 2001 but the current one was issued in March 2005. Also since I am from NJ they need a letter from MVC showing experience. I tried calling them up but after trying 2 different nos. and holding for over 25 mins they said they will mail clearance letter to my NJ address and not Canada. If I want a experience letter then I need to write to NJ MVC.

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