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Subject: business immigration problems
  My mum has applied for an business immigration visa through the Canadian High Commision. Its taken 2 and a half years but in on January 11th this year she finally went for her interview and was told ´congratulations´ and was formally accepted. It is now June and after paying her landing fee of 1000 candian dollars 7 weeks ago we are still waiting to hear from them. Her lawyer says she just has to wait for them to get intouch and says not to attempt to get intouch with them personally. time is ticking as the house we are staying in belongs to her friend and that has now been sold and we have 12 weeks to move out. we cant afford to rent a house for 6 months as the rent in Edinburgh is so expensive so basically the only thing she can do is buy a house and scrap the canada idea. That would be a total waste of time and money and quite i would hate to see it happen for her as i think this move will really help her build a life for herself (divorced, 50, doesnt think she´s worth much to anybody etc.) is there anyone out there that has any advice? or has maybe had a similar experience? please let me know. thanks for reading.
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don´t abandon your plans now... you are almost there. your request for PP could be coming any day. you still have 12 weeks.
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Ok Rick, listen to this.
I´m almost 49, applied as an entrepreneur and anticaipating to move over in summer ´06, with or whitout PR visa. Your mum probably did the same as I did, you´ll understand when you´ll be 45 , things start itching and you start looking for new challenges and what better way to give a new twist in your life than moving over the Atlantic and set yourself new goals to achieve. I call it a mix of burnout and midlife , but this whole immigration project gave me back my ambition I thought I lost years ago.I had some setbacks too and things didn´t always went the way I wanted it but , and I suppose you guys talked it over a lot, having a common goal like that does brings you together as a family.
Now you´re probably experiencing a minor delay in processing and passport request is only weeks or days away.
Why don´t you guys move over now , being Brits you can stay over for at least 6 months and in the stage you´re in now, you´re sure to receive your PR.Meanwhile, you can buy or rent a house and start preparing whatever your mum wants to do ( be it starting up a business or looking for a job )
Don´t give up now, you´ll both regret it for the rest of your lives.

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LOL... John is right. something happens to your brain at 45. You realize that you are on the second half of your life and it is time to do things that add some juice to your life.

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