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Subject: Recd. Passport from CHC New Delhi
  Hi All,

I am giving my time line below which may help you to see where you stand:

Applied by my husband at Missisauga on 3rd Jan.2005
We were asked to resubmit-signature missing.

We sent the application again on Feb.3rd,05.

I recd. letter from CHC New Delhi post marked 3rd March to submit my passport.
I recieved another letter post marked 9th March to submit passport.

There was delay in submitting my passport since,I had to get name changed and new passport issued since the CHC letter stated that my last name or family name must be there on the passport for immigration purposes and names Kaur and Singh do not qualify as surnames.

I applied for New passport around March 6th,05 and recd. it on 19th march. I sent my passport on 19th March. It was delivered at CHC New Delhi on 21st March,05.

On 25th April, the E-CAS status changed to, "Decision made.Medical results recd.Consulate will contact you regarding the decision".

Recieved passport within one week of status change on E CAS.
Passport stamped with immigrant visa dated 18th April,2005.Plus 2 documents ,one stating grant of PR and another required to be filled on landing.

Visa validity up to 18th November, 2005 i.e. time given to round up all affairs at home and reach Canada.

The processing of my case took 2 months.

I wish all the best to all of you waiting for progress in your cases and waiting for passports to come back.

I appreciate all the sensible, intelligent and helpful responses put on this website and also the precious time put in by all to help one another thru this long strenuous process.

Dear all, hang on. You will be there soon!

Best wishes and good Luck to all.

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Thanks for sharing your time line with the rest of us!

Jag D
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