Interview questions & what happens during & after?

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Subject: Interview questions & what happens during & after?

I have an interview on April 26th 2005 in Islamabad(it is for a sponsorhip interview) and wondering what questions do they ask and what is the time line after the interview i.e. how long it takes to get the visa IF it is accepted. Do they give it right away? if not how long do I have to wait as I have already submitted my medical and my police report to them. The thing is my wife is pregnant and I don´t want to be away from her during this time.

Also do I need to get a police report from Saudi Arabia as I was born and have lived there for a while.

Any & all info will be great.

Thank you in advance.

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Dear Nabeel,
VISA Post Islamabad
Profession Computer Programmer
Marital Status Single

29/03/2001 Application Submitted
13/04/2001 AOR Received
20/09/2003 Letter received of Updated Forms and IELTS
09/03/2004 Documents Submitted
15/03/2004 Letter received for updated proof of funds and original education documents
24/03/2004 Documents submitted
17/05/2004 All original education documents have been received with their covering letter stating that "selection interview is necessary before your application can be processed further. You shall be inform in writing of the date and time of your interview".
26/11/2004 Received legal notice from citizenship and immigration Canada (Rasolzadeh Class action lawsuit)
24/01/2005 Received Interview Letter of February 24th 2005
Interview Status Passed
07/03/2005 Received Medical Papers (Will have to submit within 60 days)
11/03/2005 Medical done (Included Chest X-ray, Blood, Urine and physical Test)
14/03/2005 DMP told me that medical has been dispatched
16/03/2005 Medical reports have been received at New Delhi (India)

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Your case is a Sponsorship case and I presume you are being sponsored by your wife in Canada.

They will ask you general questions about wedding etc.. Should not take longer than 5 Mins for the interview. Once done, they will probably tell you that they will inform you by mail later.

if your wife is pregnant, take with you proof that she is, give it to the interviewing officer and having this proof will probably expedite issuance of visa to you.

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