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I am applying for a student visa from India. I would like to know which is a better choice, Toronto or Montreal. Specifically in terms of getting quicker PR. what are the restriction´s if I Opt for Montreal PR. I know I will have to learn French. what level of French is necessary. Just talking, and understanding or a advanced level.
Please advise. private email & contact # would be appreciated.
thanks to all
rapid rash.

rapid rash
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Hey rapid rash,
There is no quicker PR anywhere. You will have to go through the regulations whether you are in Toronto or in Montreal. And yes, if you need to opt Montreal, you need to learn french and I guess you need intermediate - advanced french skill.(You may have to confirm it). If you need more information of legal formalities and restrictions, I would suggest you to contact any immigration lawyer like rather than looking on the forums. You will get more authentic answers.
Best wishes!

John Warren

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