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Subject: Incorporated worker getting PR
I came to Canada in Sept 2009 and graduated in MBA from University here (in Ontario) in 2011. I am on open work permit till 2014.

I work as an incorporated vendor at a technology firm. An HR agency helped me to get my incorporated business number. The technology firm pays the agency and my incorporation gets paid from agency. I have been working in this firm from Sept 2011 till date (close to 1 and half yr). Couple of my colleagues who work under the same arrangement applied for PR under CEC and they got rejected.

1. Please let me know whether I am eligible to apply for PR through CEC or should I apply through Ontario Provincial Nominee Program.

2. If I am eligible to apply PR through CEC, please let me know what are the documents I should submit.

Thanks and appreciate your guidance.


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You must be a PR or a Citizen to own more than 50% of a start up corporation in Canada.


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You are not eligible for CEC. To be eligible for CEC you must be working for a company full time (i.e. be on their payroll).
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