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Subject: disabled
I was searching about the disabled person´s life in the world and I dont know how i got to this page, dont know who will read this or reply it!!. i am just upset for being a disabled person(polio in my left leg) and living in a place where there is no respect at all and services for a person like me,, i am tired that the people look inferiority at me, people look at the shape first and then decide how they will deal with you, hard to be in relationship or to marry and get a job becuase that the god made me with disability, community take you on your money and what you are, not what kind of personality, thought and abilities you have.
i was working as IT which i was good in it and many other comouters and network stuffs, i graduate from the college of computer science which i love , but the life made me think of my life without thinking about how to develop more in the computer skills,
i wonder, how the disableds in canada live!!! how people deal with them, do they make normal relationships?

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Unfortunately, no country is perfect. Even here in Canada there is discrimination.

Perhaps it is less than other places, as disabilities are becoming less taboo. More time is spent educating people on all kinds of things. That said though, it depends on the individual. Every human being is different. Some more understanding, some less.

Many people live a "normal" life here no matter what their physical conditions. There are also many supliments the government/communities can and have supplied, to offer counseling and support.

I wish you the best in life, you are more of a person than most. You have learned (albeit the hard way) true compassion.


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