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Subject: Followup on transferred file
I am looking for a good lawyer to followup on a spousal sponsorship file that was transferred to the Hamilton office 4 months ago. I would appreciate it if you could post an email address and I will contact you.
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Well when you submit a Spousal Sponsorship yourself to save money by not hiring a representative things can go wrong quickly.

Hopefully you have a copy of everything you submitted.

The first thing you should do is go over your application and see if there is anything that any person could consider be a reason to question your relationship. Than collect more quality evidence of a genuine relationship. Then submit the additional evidence to the Hamilton office.

Now prepare yourself for the spousal interview. Understanding men are from Mars and woman are from Venus. Get a pen and at a different location ask your partner to describe your residence from walking in the front door, you do the same.

One question that men fail most times is describe the painting on the living room wall. He hung it there and all he can remember is the argument over the fact that it is not straight.

The main question that women fail is when did your relationship become one of a more intimate nature. Women answer that the way they think their partner will answer that and forget the man actually loves her and wants to keep everything about her private. To a man it could be waking up with you in his arms after a nap. Those type of questions are best answered with a question. "Do you mean....."?

Best of luck.


Followup and Transferred File (in reply to: Followup on transferred file)
Thank you kindly.
Followup on transferred file (in reply to: Followup on transferred file)
Dear Roy,

As it turns out my husband received his AIP on Valentine´s Day. I had prepared several months for an interview since the file transfer in October of last year but felt fairly confident that I had covered all of the questions the CIC may ask in an interview after I had sent two additional packages with supporting documentation, one in October and the other in November. I was actually shocked when we opened the mailbox and found his and my letter inside. What actually inspired me was a post you wrote in late November of 2011 in response to a post an individual wrote about her anxiety level of waiting following the submission of a spousal sponsorship application. Your post to her was, "a watched pot never boils" and instead of spending energy worrying about a poor outcome and heading for a denial, send more proof about the relationship.

It was after reading this that I did just that and although I feel you are a particularly direct individual I don´t find you rude at all. Your advice is greatly appreciated and people coming on this forum are lucky to receive it.

Thank you.


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