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Subject: need help
  hi to all,im a refugee claimant which my claim was rejected last month and i did my re-appeal, and my husband was a refugee claimant 2001 and his claim was rejected and he came to canada with me again last year with visitor visa. now he applied for h&c and also he did his prra.both our case is same but we are in diffrent status. i have new born canadian baby too, just three months.. the question is i receive a letter from cbsa yesterday on my name and my husbands name, ask us to come to the office to review,update and discuss our case. i feel so scared now! does this letter mean of deportation order or the cbsa do give the positive answers? im so restless.. please someone give me a good answer.

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Better go and show up at the CBSA office.

If you show up, I don´t know what is going to happen. It all depends what´s in your file.

If you DON´T show up, I can assure you that CBSA will issue warrant for your arrest against you.

Just follow their instructions.

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yea im going for the interview, but im scared that they will issue a removal order.
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