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Subject: Urgent Birth Certificate
  Top of the day to you all,
I have a question concerning how i can obtain my child birth-certificate. I went online and i did applied for one. Knowingly that some condition applies to fresh new born babies. When i called the service center, i was told that if i need it so urgent that i would have to fax it a document for a proof.Currently, i have H&C and PRRA application in process. I don´t have anything to show them that it requires any urgency,but we all know that H&C decision makers makes decision base on what they have on their desk. I am only asking if there is any thing i can do to get this in 5 to 10 days. I was told it will take 10 to 16 weeks!!!. I have a friend that applied for both H&C and PRRA applications and had already gotten his decision (Negative).

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Best interest of child could be included when an update on your file is requested.

The baby was born after the applicant submitted his H&C which has no bearing on the best interest of child because there was no BABY!

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Thanks for the response. I quiet get it that the best interest of the child was not noted when i filled sent in the application. C.I.C official site indicate that ´´It is the responsibility of applicants to up date their application, that the decision will be render base on what the officer has on her/his desk´´. If they don´t ask me to update, how would they know that i have a child?. Isn´t that a tie or integration as they´ve indicated on the H&C regulation. I guess this is very technical. I need more opinion on this matter.
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Can the applicants still add more information to their existing H&C which is in process even if CIC does not request an update?

CIC makes a decision on what they have before them.

Action now!

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please i want the certificate because urgent
mohd arif
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