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Subject: Reentry after deportation
I am an American citizen , over 6 years ago I was stupid enough to work in Canada and was caught and was deported.

I am now married, we own a bussiness in the USA , I have no intentions of immigrating to anywhere , honestly .
My brother is getting married, and I want to return to canada just for the wedding.
I have a return ticket obviously, I have the invitation to the wedding a proof of the tax returns ,and bank statements to proof that my husband and I have a active , that we obviously can´t abandon .
Is there any chance we will be permitted entry just for the week of the wedding?
Are there any other documents I will need in order to increase the chances to be approved?

I am so scared I will miss out on my brothers wedding because of my stupidity years ago, what was I thinking ??
Please help me , anybody???

The tax returns are for the bussiness (in reply to: Reentry after deportation)
The tax return is for the bussiness to show how profitable it is , the bank statements can proof that we have funds and we don´t have any reason to stay more then just for the wedding.
Will I need to pay anything at the boarder if I do get approved, or in order to get approved?

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You were not DEPORTED you were EXCLUDED for only one year.

Enjoy the wedding and bring proof of relationship and reason to return to the USA.


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How did you get caught? The ban is only for one year if you were excluded. If you did anything else, such as a DUI or any criminal conviction even if it is a "small" one then you might have some problems when trying to enter Canada. It all depends what pops up once the officer scans your passport. If in doubt, you sould contact the Canadian Embassy BEFORE traveling to Canada.

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Answer (in reply to: Reentry after deportation)
I didn´t do nothing beyond work, I was caught cause the company had 14 employees that weren´t supposed to be working and I was deported with them because all of them weren´t American, I was the only American there.
So I was also deported , or excluded...
But I definetlly didn´t do anything beyond that my only crime was to work:(
Thank you so much for giving me the hope of getting to the wedding, I honestly have no intentions to ever do such a thing or stay beyond the wedding.

I tried contacting the embassy but there is no response there, I think my only option is take the chance at the border

Thanks again!

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I think they didn´t want to treat me differently then all the others , because just like them we were handcuffed, jailed for a night , and then they booked flights for us and verified we all were on the plane.
I understand that I was supposed to be excluded, I hope that the fact I was with a group of non Americans, won´t affect me and I won´t be over punished .

In general I never ever ever been convicted or ever actually committed a crime beyond this one- working without permit.
Never DUI , never used drugs nothing.
I really am a good girl, I was in the wrong place doing the right thing :(

Goodluck! (in reply to: Reentry after deportation)
You don´t have to worry that much. Just bring all the necessary papers like proofs that you have relation with your brother and that he´s getting married. Get your financial statements ready also, if ever they will look into it.
Russ Weninger
help! (in reply to: Reentry after deportation)
I just got deported with my mom and sisters from Canada for failed refugee claimant.
We were in Canada for 5 1/2 years and I was 16 when we came, a minor, but now I´m 22.
I have my boyfriend and friends and a job back in Canada and I really miss my life.
Since I was a minor when I came, is there any way I can come back???
What are my chances of getting ARC with any application?

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