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Subject: Urgent---Spousal Sponsorship in CPC-M Timeline
  I submitted my spousal sponsorship in CPC-Mississauga and they received my application on SEP 15,2011.I checked in CIC website and it was updated on NOV 23 and says working on application received on SEP 16,2011.But Still i haven´t received any letter from them. Do I need to wait a bit more before i contact in the call center??
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go for a walk, have a cup of tea, read a book and relax. First phase approval takes about 66 days - which is about now. Give them a few days to mail a letter to you and for Canada Post to deliver it. Make your first call Dec 1.

You realize there is a second phase to this? Once the sponsor is approved the application begins in earnest and they send the package off to the embassy of your applicant spouse for review.

lots of tea, lots of books.

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Thanks Sharon for your answer.I will follow your advise but one thing that processing time posted in CIC website isn´t included the mailing period time too? Since my 66 days passed on NOV 21,but then 4 business days gone no mail yet that´s why i am bit worried too.Another question to you when cic posts any date in the website that means they are working on up to that day receiving file or in this case until 15 th processing is over now they are doing on SEP 16?? Please shed your valuable opinion.
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You´re heading for a refusal based on your attitude.

Do one thing to prevent any potential refusal. Update your evidence that shows your a real couple once you get the kit number and again when you get the Visa Post File number. Compiling additional evidence will take your mind of attacking the mail man.

Sure you submitted a complete application well in your interpretation but you can do it better.

It is obvious that you need to with your partner real badly so go for a visit. Take plenty of photos with the two of you having fun together with friends. Don´t just submit the photos of the two of you posing for the picture as if you asked a passerby every time to take the photo. get friends in the photo that shows a bond between you and your partner.

Get friends here to write letters of just how much a basket case you are without your partner. include a drivers license and their Canadian status document. Get them to write something personal about how silly your behaving.

Remember "Watched Pots Never Boil"

Stop focusing on the timeline and focus on the finish line. Google Chavez vs MCI because that is what you have to prove.


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What do you mean by ´You´re heading for a refusal based on your attitude´??.

Do you have any clue how strongly i submitted my papers? Why you comment in such a way that upset people? Didn´t you read Sharon´s comment earlier?

I included everything with tons of pictures, Honeymoon visits,Various trips around different countries with my wife,hotel bookings,Thousands of Phone call logs,boarding passes,airline tickets,family photos, money receipt of every month of sending money to my spouse just to mention few.

My Application was way more than only document checklist for sure i can say that.

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I make that comment (heading for refusal) based on YEARS of experience with clients like you and your attitude.

Well look at your reaction (GROWL)

It is not the quantity of evidence, it is the quality of the evidence that proves a marriage.

Sharon said relax have a tea, go for a walk, read a book and I take that to mean the same as my comment stop focusing on the time line.

I have seen hundreds of comments from Visa Officers that claim one particular photo can prove a marriage is genuine. Then I have seen spousal applications refused due to one particular photo in hundreds of photos as well.

Did you never here the statement Keep It Simple, Stupid" (KISS)

Every month you send her money, hmmmm what evidence is there that she does not send that same money back to you every month. Does sending money prove a genuine marriage? It could be a trick because your trying too hard to prove your marriage.

Photos of just the two of you travelling here and there prove nothing other than one of you can afford to pretend to be in a genuine marriage by taking trips.

Did you read my comment "Stressed"?

Any Visa Officer can assume you and your partner are lying, with little or no evidence. I suggested bringing in third parties who know your in a genuine marriage and getting them to prove where they live and that they have status in Canada. That something personal they know about your relationship`should be included in the letter. they are highly unlikely to claim others are lying especially if their Canadian´s.

I suggested photos with friends because then they can see whom took the picture. When your with another couple and the man is in one picture with you both, then his partner is with you both, then finally both of them are with you or your partner it shows you went on vacation with another couple. The same photo of you hugging her the same way and her leaning into you the same way leads one to ask (who took the photo).

So did you google the Chaves vs MCI IAD decision which all spousal appeals hinge on? Nope not you!

You focus on the time line thinking that CIC and Canada owes you the right to sponsor your spouse regardless of the (quality of evidence) you provide and you deserve an answer NOW!

You got quality advice from Sharon and me. You have decided not to listen and to fight.

IT IS MY RIGHT TO GET MY WIFE HERE SOONER THAN ALL THE REST. Nairobi, Kenya is 30 months and many are more than 12 months of processing time.

I suggested you change your attitude and stop focusing on the time line. Sharon stated a similar position. Stop acting as if your more deserving than others, you´re not.

Relax go for a walk, have a nice tea and solicit your friends to write nice letters about the bond between the two of you.

I was quoted in the Toronto Globe and Mail that it is far easier to prove a bogus marriage if you have money than to prove a genuine marriage if your short of funds.

I stand by that comment. Minister Kenney was on CTV National News with me and he said I was right.

So prove your marriage with quality evidence as suggested and stop acting like you have been wronged.


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The CIC processing times DO NOT include mailing times (CIC has no control over Canada Post). This is also the start of a busy time of year for Canada Post (due to Christmas). I would give it 5-7 additional business days for the letter to arrive.
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You should take Roy´s advise seriously... he is giving quality comments to non-paying clients... believe me... that is verrryyyyy rare.

On the other hand, he is showing you how to fraud CIC too...

sometimes, I wish this immigration website should just advise people how to complete the immigration forms ONLY.

He is making CIC jobs much harder and the processing time longerrrrr.

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DIY do it yourself SG

So I guess your advice would be logical if there was not seven thousand spousal sponsorship refusals every year.


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I am in the same situation.CIC-M received my application on sep 28 and is in process since december 1, 2011.I dont know how long I should wait for the approval. I just want to anya answer yes or no. I know my case is not very straight forward.
I am a PR. Married sinc 2005, got PR 2009. My husband was non accompanying spouse in my spouse because of his military job.I landed with my daughter, stayed one month ad go back. In 2010, my son was born. I finally return to canada sept 17, 2011. I sent sponsorship application for my husband (left job now) and son sept 26 At that time I was unemployed, showd bank balance $8500 in canada ad more money in our joint account back home. I nevr filed tax here so couldn´t give option c print out. I worked and filed tax my home country. So I provide the docment also with my employment letter.
Now do you think they are going to refse my case? I am just asking your personal opinion based on your experience.I am so tensed and can not do anything. I miss my little son a lot.
Please if you have any opinion about the processing delay, share with me. I really appriciate that.

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Dont be. You will/would have received your confirmation by now. It took sometime for me as well. I filled out my app in a very similar manner and receieved a confirmation. My wife got her PR last week :) You just have to prove your relationship and not think from a conpiracy theory channel like Mr. Roy Kellogg is doing. Type ´scare tactics´ in google instead of the MCI crap. Ive read some other posts of his. This guy sounds like a cheap salesman trying to offer advice to make him sound like a sincere help and scare the others to make them come to him. He does this indirectly without officially asking you to come to him. The direction gets reinforced by his company´s website after his initials, after every reply of his. See his video on his site. Speaks for itself. If you need help, reply to this thread. My uncle works for immigration, I will ask him for you and reply to you on this thread itself. Generic questions only and not pertaining to your file. Uncle wouldnt/cant do that. He is a government employee, not a businessman. Dont be stressed dude. You´ll be with your wife within a few months. Time will fly. Speaking of which, I am actually tempted to take a copy of all of Roy´s posts on this site and report him to the papers/immigration. He will then get the PR that he deserves. Can´t believe ppl can fall down to this level and scare others who are already anxious. Don´t try to explain that you are giving valuable advice Roy. It´s neither valuable nor professional to tell someone that they are Heading for a Refusal, based on their "attitude".. All that Mr. stressed did - He asked a damn question whether he should call the call center to inquire! How the eff did you judge the qualtiy of his application and attitude from that !! You are garbage Roy. People come to this forum to curb their anxiousness. You should realize that when you answer, you are somewhat of a face to Canada for these ppl who are asking a question. You should be deported and asked to apply for a re-entry, which should be assessed based on ´YOUR attitude´. If you have ´any´ shame, dont even try to explain.