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Subject: asylum seeker who needs clarity
  i am now in canada and made inland refugee claim. how ever, i am not sure if my is eligible. in the past i made two unseccussful claim in europe. the first one i was given a temporary humanitarian protect after my claim was rejected. conditions was harsh in that country and my future was uncertain since my status was only temporary and they could deport my anytime and i could face a torture and persecution there. so i left and made another claim in another EU country and they woulnt even accept my claim because of the Dublin accord which says you in Europe you can only claim refugee in the first country you arrive. so my question is, inspite of the other unseccussful i made in europe, can my claim be eligbe to be referred to the refugee board as an eligible claim? or safethird country rule will apply?
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suggest you fly to Malaysia - a developing asia country who routinely accept asylum seeker rejected by australia. although it is a muslim country, they accept asylum seeker regardless of religion - kudos to the government.
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you will not be eligible because of the safe third country rule
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i would like to get more explanation on how this safe third country rule will affect my claim because i did not come to canada through The United States. and the government webstite say, you are not eligible if "You have been recognized as a Convention refugee by another country to which you can return" whi i dont think applies to me since i was never recognized as a convention refugee.. you help will be appreciated. thanks
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u r right u r not on 3rd country agreement but u r not refgee either cos one big thing is that if if got travel ducoment from same country clam asylem than u are conve refugee and 2nd if u dont get same rights as citizen same that country than u r not refugee.
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