62% of new immigrants find employment in six month

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Subject: 62% of new immigrants find employment in six month
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A government initiative to help skilled immigrants navigate the labyrinth of credential recognition and Canadian job market before they arrive on our shores has boosted newcomers’ employment rate.

Four years after the Canadian Immigration Integration Program (CIIP) was launched, 62 per cent of participants found employment in six month, up from 44 per cent before its existence, says a government review of the federal Foreign Credentials Referral Office.

Ottawa launched the office in 2007 as a response to all those surgeon-driving-a-taxi tales that have sullied Canada’s reputation as a good place to resettle.

According to the report, 13,000 skilled immigrants had registered by September 2010 for the pre-arrival orientation program about Canadian culture, labour market and foreign credential recognition process.

The two-day program — available in the Philippines, China and India — includes a group session and personal counselling to help migrants develop an “individualized action plan” to find work I Canada. The service will expand to the visa post in Britain later this year.

“The objective of the CIIP is to effectively prepare immigrants for successful integration while still in their country of origin,” said the report, released Thursday. “We are not only improving economic outcomes for newcomers, but we are also ensuring that employers have access to this valuable and much needed labour resource.”

Eight out of 10 jobs in Canada are in non-regulated occupations in which employers are responsible for determining whether a prospective employee has the skills, education and experience for the position.

The remaining 20 per cent of jobs require licensing by a professional regulatory body.

Last year, the foreign credentials office imposed a 12-month limit on assessments of international credentials for eight professions: architects, engineers, medical laboratory technologists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, registered nurses and financial auditors/accountants.

It plans to broaden the one-year time frame in 2012 to include six other professions: dentists, engineering technicians, licensed practical nurses, medical radiation technologists, physicians and teachers.

Canada’s Agreement on Internal Trade with the provinces has been amended to allow workers certified by regulators in one province to be relicensed in another “without having to meet significant additional requirements.”

In 2010, the Federal Internship for Newcomers program, a job project to hire immigrants in 11 government departments, doubled its capacity from 29 positions to 65.

“We have made progress, but there is much more to do … we must continue in our efforts to ensure that newcomers to Canada do not face unnecessary barriers to employment,” said Corinne Prince-St-Amand, director general of the foreign credentials office.


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I see the CIIP a failure, unfair, discriminatory, biased againt the people of Africa.
I see no reason why the government would setup shops in Asia for the purpose of credentials evaluation and neglect Africa, what type of standard is the Canadian government setting.
What africa needs is the same equal opportunity just like any other regions in the world. we need hands up not hand outs.
What do you think those africa that migrate to Canada will result into after years of frustration seeking employment that is not fothcoming?
whereas his counterpart from other region is treated with respect, accorded credentials evaluation and get job within six months of migration.
The migration system should be overhauled to set quota for the regions based on skills just like the way the American lottery is being done. I see a domination of the system by particular race in the nearest future.
it is time our voices heard in Ottawa, the treatmet being heap on us as a second class immigrant is enough, this immigration issue is highly political, it has nothing to do with what is best for Ottawa or Canada. It is no longer an option getting frustrated and allow someone else fight your course. In the coming days I will post a website where we can register petition to Ottawa about the discriminatory attitute of ottawa.

Thank you,


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Adible, chill out. How many applicants come from Africa and do you refer to the entire continent or just part of it.

Those services were set up in the highest volume areas of the system. It is not cheap to do so and Canada is under no obligation to do it.

As the program rolls out, I am sure high volume regions of Africa will also get their own integration program.

There is no limit on the number of applications Canada accepts from Africa - so I am puzzled by your concern. Face it - Canada is not a first choice for most African immigrants. Italy, France, Germany are first choice. As for the US lottery system - I am not hearing anyone suggesting that is the right way to go either.

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What they failed to reveal is the kind of job they are working. It is no secret that Indian professional ended as pump attendants at gas stations.

At my work place, account clerks were formerly account managers back in their former country and system people become data entry.

If you work hard, you can work yourself up to your last position back in your country.

Even if your credential is accredited to the equivalent of canadian´s degree, it does not gurantee employment.

You have to start at the bottom and work yourself up again.

I notice Roy tend to paint a rosely picture whereas Sharon will give you a more accurate picture of the current job market.

Roy will do anything to get more business..... you can ask him for advice and if he bother to answer them - good for you as his answers are usually good as he is a experienced immigration consultant.

But beware of his postings - he tend to omit some important information intentionally. The unemployment rate is currently 7.2% http://www.statcan.gc.ca/subjects-sujets/labour-travail/lfs-epa/lfs-epa-eng.htm?WT.mc_id=twtB0063. Unless you are in construction business,transportation or warehousing sectors, the rest of the sectors are not so good. It is even more challenging for newly landed immmigrants as they do not have the canadian experience.

I have attended a lot of programs created specifically for newly landed immigrants - to help us write resume and prepare us for interviews. The only problem - no interview.... most of us eventually have to look for a survival job to pay rent & food after we ran out of our saving. For some profession, once you are not working in your profession for a period of time, it is very difficult to go back to your profession again.

I am not trying to scare any of you from coming here. Canada is a great country. People are generally very friendly and helpful. some of us might be working as clerks, but we have no regret as we are happy here and doing it for our kids.

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regardless of where you come from, you have to prove you can do what it says on your resume. Not only that... you have to be able to do it in french or english - depending on where you are.

You can be the best in the world but if you cannot speak the language of your boss - forget it.

I agree (in reply to: 62% of new immigrants find employment in six month)
Once you´ve stop working in your profession it is hard to go back into it, even if you decide to go back to your home country. Then you end up like me, ranting about what you coud have achievied in your home country if you had stayed
and brainwashing yourself of "how lucky you are to be in Canada".

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Focus on the article the numbers have improved yet some say that is not good enough, maybe but at least it is a vast improvement.

When some are thirsty and their given a drink of water do they claim the water is not cold enough. Some.

Look at how few crane operators have applied as FSW from the Ministerial Instructions list. Crane Operators use hand signals to get their tasks done. Yet they are required to pass IELTs. When someone stops working they still have to purchase food and get emergency services plus talk to the Boss about which location to go to next.

Immigrants do not all own an Android phone with verbal google translate.


It is really hard to please everyone! (in reply to: 62% of new immigrants find employment in six month)
At times it seems like the government wants to help but the bureaucreats running the show end up screwing things for people. By the same token the government can not interfere much with the companies´ desicion on who they hire. I personally believe that multicuturalism does not really work they way it should. It "seems to work" on the surface but there is still a lot of racism, predjudice and bias in each individual.

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and you are the worst offender.
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Let us not forget that most of the whiners who feel cheated have come here driven by greed and delusion at home; if you were big admin back home what are you doing coming here? On the other hand, I have met immigrants who are happy doing manual labor here with great pleasure, even though they enjoyed much higher level back home. If it weren´t for the greed and a foolish need to "prove" their friends back home that they are better, these folks would have stayed back home and enjoyed life. Once here, they expect Canada bend over and accommodate them!!! Unequivocally, labor jobs in Canada give you much more direct satisfaction than being, say, a surgeon or engineer. Once you leave work, your time is all yours and you enjoy it as you see fit.
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