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Subject: Spousal Sponsorship

My Girlfriend and I of four months have just gotten married. She is a Canadian Citizen and I am a failed refugee applicant.
My Question would be Is a sponsorship possible in Canada at this point?

Also I have outstanding charges in the United States. Will this stop the application?

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What is the outstanding charge for? It´s quite possible this could be a big problem. Some information here:


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The outstanding charges include assault.
I had been deported from the states while my case was ongoing.

In my three years in Canada, I was detained for extradition, yet let go under supervision. (after two months)

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Before someone lands as Permanent Resident of Canada, he will be required to provide FBI fingerprint and police clearance letter from each state he lived since the age of 18.
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get a lawyer and pray hard.
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Well do I smell a Rat or a Genuine poster????

Come on people he was detained for two months because the US was seeking EXTRADITION for common assault! Then he was released only two months later under supervision.

Why would he be released?
Who would be assigned to supervise him?
US has him arrested because they are seeking to EXTRADITE him for assault then drop everything within two months?
The US never punishes anyone for crimes committed and instead deport him to Canada?

Sure smells like a Rat.


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