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hi,i m international student who came 1 year before in canada as student ..but unfortuntely i got stabbed here by black guys and due to that situation i wasnt able to my visa is expiring and my college is not giving me admission ..wat should i do now? ..i m thinking about marriage

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Holly molly... where did this happen? what city? did they do anything about the offenders? I know of a black man (international student) who picked fight with Canadians in Moncton and was thoroughly beaten down and is now asking CIC for immigration on H & C grounds.
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Get a good lawyer and re store your status as a student, marriage just for staying in canada is illegal and you will be caught and deported. You still have 90 days after your status expires, so dont just sit around wasting time , get up and do something. do what you came here to do which is study !

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but my college isnt giving me admission ..can i live for 90 days after my visa expires ....
i was also got stabbed and guy is in prison can he get immigration and what is c and h grounds

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You need to consult an immigration lawyer regarding this. its never good to remain beyond the validity of your status but there is something called restoration of status within 90 days. since ur a student you can try that. but again consult a lawyer ASAP. there are a lot of lawyers who give free consultation. You can apply for h&c grounds but god knows how long that takes, could be years.
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Humanitarian and compasionate grounds is not going to work here. Don´t even bother.

You are going to have to leave Canada and re-apply from abroad.

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I wrote the last post.

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