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Subject: change of pls
  Hi, i have a couple of questions concerning my application

i live in london, applied for immigration under family class as my wife´s canadian.

Applied on nov 2010

Started processing in London on 1st march 2011
Asked addtional info on 30th march 2011

that´s it haven´t heard anything from them until now...sent mails but no reply its been over 7 months now...any suggestions?

another question if i leave UK and go to india and inform CHC london will they transfer my case to CHC India?

last one i have applied for job in Saudi Arabia n m just waiting for approval from the company´s headoffice.

so if i notify CHC london abt change of address to india and then if i move to saudi from india would that cause a problem? because m uncertain abt saudi... if i move to saudi then do i notify CHC India or CHC London?

i know its a lil complicated but any help would be appreciated...

shahbaz khan
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