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Subject: Sponsor after financial assistance
  I received financial assistance after applying as an inland refugee.Since then I´ve been working and I got accepted to college (start in august). My permanent residence application is now in process (already have first stage approval).My question is would I still be unable to sponsor given my situation?

Also its my boyfriend abroad I would like to sponsor ,I would want to have a dream wedding but we don´t have money for that right now ,so how would I go about sponsoring?

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the only way you can sponsor him is if you are a PR, he is your husband, or you have lived common law for a year.

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Well do not go to your home country to marry him! Think about it you have protected persons status only. If you do not need that status or desire PR status go back home. Since you can travel to other countries I sugest you marry him there but you will still have to prove relationship.


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Thank you guys so much for your responses I have absolutely no intent to go back to my home country , but even if we do get married would I be able to sponsor him knowing that I´ve received financial assistance in the past?
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yes, as long as you are not receiving assistance at the time you apply. However Jane, you seem to be focused on an issue that is moot in comparison to your other obstacles.
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