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Subject: DocD & real CBSA Oficers
  In the last few years the Canadian governement thinks to boost employment numbers they should hire REMOVAL OFFICERS on a contract basis instead of full time to prove positive employment statistics.

In most POE there is no experienced Immigration Officers (check Lexbase) right DocD?

When CBSA Officers think they can push people around and get removal numbers UP by kicking out families instead of crimminals they think they will be kept on FULL TIME! Dah WRONG!


Compassion has to be common sense from both sides.

Remember it is always advisable to have a Grizzly Bear in your corner when red necks are in the room.


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What is your point though? If you are ever at Edmonton International airport let me know, I will come out and give you a hug and tell you that everything is going to be alright.

And/Or buy you a coffee.

What do you really expect me to say?

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You giving people hugs, you big sensitive, compassionate Grizzly Bear.

Only Tims Double Cream one sweetner.


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My Point

Well now someone is trying to rein in CBSA Officers as well.


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Not sure of the point of this, was it a question?

There are many legacy immigration officers working at POE´S as well all of the officers hired in the last three or so years are integrated officers, and should be trained in both customs and immigration.
That being said obviously there are more legacy Customs officers due to the fact that there always have been more CCRA vs CIC officers working at any POE.

I believe CBSA tries to deal with all law breakers, yet focuses on high risk cases.
If your customers were illegal immigrants then they were breaking the law.
In a perfect world CBSA would have dealt with your clients and all the actual bad people too, sadly this is not a perfect world and only a percentage of illegal law breakers can be dealt with.

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This is the deal. There is a new mandate not to get into shelters to detain people....let´s say OK... to a point.

HOWEVER. CBSA can get a warrant to do so if necessary. How hard to you think is to get warrant. Not hard at all, it takes pretty much a phone call.

Now, about the new hires.
The main issue came when CIC and Canada Customs merged in the POE few years ago, creating CBSA.
Before, CIC used to do the primary and secondary inspection and Canada Customs was inspecting cargo and goods.

When CBSA was created, most of the Canada Customs agents were re-trained to do Immigration and that process only took place 4 to 5 years ago.

I remember that YVR (Vancouver Int) was one of the last ones to transition due to the amount of officers.

Right now the ratio is roughly 3 to 1. Means that for every three "experienced" CBSA officers there is 1 trainee. The main issue is that the 24-7 points of entry the agency has a fair amount of trainees.

Well, it is the nature of beast, like everything else in life. Some officers are great, some others are still learning.

CBSA is known for "witch hunting" but the truth is..
So what?
What is the alternative?

The media pounds hard on CBSA but we have it easy in Canada. Our counter parts down in the US have CBP which is point of entries and ICE. (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

You want to know about witch hunting, talk to an ICE officer. It is funny, how easy going our system is, yet CBSA is always the ugly one.

Amazingly enough is that the people who has no issues with their immigration status and follow the law have ZERO problems with CBSA, the only people who have issues with it are the ones that do the opposite.

Go figure!hmmm weird isn´t it?

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My point exactly DocD why does the Removal Rookies not liaison with the Crown Attorneys to stay or withdraw charges to remove the ones before our criminal courts instead of families, or worse those in shelters.

Glad you agree.


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CBSA do liason with the Crown Attorneys as well as Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), RCMP,
Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC)and that is as far as I can go.

Now, let´s look at a "family".

A "family" as you mentioned, may have a deportation order against them, all what it takes is to catch them, get them to buy a ticket and get them out. In the worse case scenario (a risk of not showing up at the airport), then CBSA catch them, put them in the detention centre while all the passport and airline ticket is arrange and then escort them to the airplane and wave bye bye.

Besides "families" CBSA removes a fair amount of criminals every year.

Now you do the math:

- 500,000 illegals in Canada
- Millions of people (visitors, workers, refugees, PRs, Canadian citizens) enter Canada every year.
- Tons and tons of cargo reach our borders every day including working in conjuction with Canada post.

- Around 8,000 people get removed from Canada every year

And only about 5100 CBSA officers and each one of them has to learn the legislation and screening criteria.

And you are complaining of a rookie that is working as a removal officer?

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