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Subject: Job in Canada
  Hi all.

I have recd this mail from a consultancy in canada offering me to join as a concrete carpenter. Not specified the place of work or duration work. The consultancy is genuine. They will provide me work permit in 6 months and PR in one year.

Would like have advises in this regard as to whether I should accept it or not. Can you share the proccess and procedures if I wish to work in canada.

Awaiting your replies.

- Sunil (

Sunil Patel
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Since when a "Consultancy" can provide a work permit and a PR?

That doesn´t make any sense.

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Sunil, apparently you are taken for a ride... Hope you did not pay much!
job (in reply to: Job in Canada)
if you believe that guy i have a bridge i"d like to sell you
if a job offer is genuine it will give you a location obviously...but i will tell you that the job discription isn´t even real because there is no such thing--there are concrete placers and finishers, or concrete workers perhaps--or there are concrete formers maybe--and of course there are carpenters--but i have never heard of a concrete carpenter--that title is bogus---and why would anyone say they can get you a work visa and pr based on your job skills when there are thousands of workers unemployed here who can do that work?

w. roy
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A job offer by mail? Too good to be true... something is fishy though.... Beware of scam - a lot of Canadian carpenters are waiting to be employed, why would they hire someone from 20000km away?
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demande d'emploie (in reply to: Job in Canada)

j ai l´honneur de venir au prés de votre très haute personnalité pour solliciter un emploie au sein de votre entreprise.
j´ai un bac en technique commerciale, une formation en anglais et je maitrise la langue française.
en attendant une réponse favorable de votre part veuillez agréer l´expression de mes sentiment distingué.
votre futur employer LUFUANSONI ZACHARIE ELIE

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