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Subject: advice for newcommers for a new commer
  hello fellow newcommers

i have been here for 2 months now .........and whatever you hear or read ..its great .. and its worth every moment you spÍnt on preparing ur documents and waiting for any reply from the immigrations ..
everyone in da street is smiling to you .. helping you ... and govermental issues is a peice of cake long as you go online get the right papers and submit them
anyways i just wanted to give you guys some advice
first of all ....
either you carry all your money with you when you land ... or take some with you and transfer the rest via money order or someone sends it to you ...... coz i took a money draft from my bank i havent seen a penny for 2 months
-make sure that ur driver license has history on it ..... at least a year or so that you wount be needing to start all over here
-when you are here .. forget what you were in your country .. i was a big shot pharmacy owner and now i work in a pharmacy as a chasier .. but i am not regreting anything because in a couple of years i will be a certified pharmcist ..
-know all the procedures to evaluate ur degree and get all the required documents form your home country before you leave ..
-when you open a bank account here .. go to scotia bank .. they give new commers certain facilities ..and also credit card unsecured ..
-when you come here .. buy everything with ur new credit card to build up your credit score as quick as you can be able to get a car and all that stuff .
-rents .. aim low and try not to get a year lease ..a six month lease will be fine as starters ... coz you wount know how things go .. try to get one near buses ..and make sure you ahve a couple of bus stops around you ..and a 10 minute wake is the differnce between ur house and the station .
-when you search for houses try kijiji or fasthomerentals .. and make sure that utilities are included in the contract ..coz electricity or heat is very high specially in summer time
-you must have a android phone or iphone or those kind of devices .. coz you will in need for gps ... i got an acer android form rogers with unlimited in and out calls for the first six months ..and i pay around 60 dollars a month ..
-when you land first thing you do is get ur sin card .then health care card .. open a bank account ....and file for ur pr card ..
you can get the adresses from the net according to the city you are in ...
-if you have a certain medical issue better land in alberta coz the health card is issued the second day .. other providences u need 3 months and then you are covered ........
what else ..
-buying a car ..either pay in cash completely for a new car if you can afford it .. or you can find cars starting from 1000 dollars and consider it as expenses ..keep it for a year or so ..and then when your fine ..get a new one after your credit history is a bit better ...
-again jobs ...find a job as soon as possible even if you work at tim hortons ..or macdonals .. its just a step for better jobs .but if you are picky about ur first job then you wount find a job ever ..
-if you have children ..file for child benifit taxes .. its ur childrens right its good money it will help you ..
-dont get fustrated quickly ... cool down ... everyone newcommer has passed this not only you ... so just accept and go with the flow everything will be fine ....
good luck guys and gals

xanax tm
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Thanks for sharing such a valuable advice. So many people are posting wrong advices and wrong ideas. Your efforts are much appreciated.

Keep doing what you are doing.

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brilliant. Thank you Xanax.
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