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Subject: proof of intentions
  How do i answer the question on proof of your intention to re-establish in Canada? Here´s my situation: i am a Canadia citizen living in the US with a US PR card. Born in Toronto, lived in Canada for 12 years, been in the US for 21 years. Got married in US, had kids in US. Now, we want to move back to Canada. We need to show proof of our intentions. We don´t want to move until the kids get out of school in May 2011, so we don´t want to get a rental property in Canada yet, we are not looking for jobs yet cause its to soon, and we don´t want to buy property yet until we know where we want to live. We are starting the Canadian PR process under family class now because we are hoping that my husband gets his paperwork before we move so he can work upon arrival or shortly after arrival. How do we show proof?
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Property rental agreement, not properly

Property deed, not properly.

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