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Subject: Problems in Part-time work experience
  Today I got a reply from CIC concerning my immigration application for Federal Skill Worker Categroy. Basically the officer does not think that I fulfill the requirement of continuous one-year full-time or equivalent part-time experience. The major problem of my application is that I have got enough work experience, but not continuous.

I am a part-time teacher but do not usually work during the summer time (May-September). Therefore, the officer thinks that I do not fulfill the continuous requirement.

Does any of you have similar experience as I do? If so, can you convince to CIC to re-consider your application even though it is not exactly continuous?

It is very hard for part-time experience to be continuous.

I have got a couple of weeks to reply to CIC, providing more evidence to my case or it will be refused.

Thanks so much!


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I don´t think the problem is May-September because all teachers have that reality in a contract. The problem is likely the lack of full time, continuous employement September - April.

do you have an annual contract? show them.

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I have got several years of part-time experience. Considering the hours I have worked, it is beyond full-time. It is just that I do not work, and am not paid, during the summer months.

So you think that having a few months off during each year is okay? Should I specify the reality that it is difficult to expect a teacher to work during the summer, as most teachers in the world do not?

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something is not right with this. no teacher works a 12 month year and CIC knows that.

I am guessing they are looking at your part time hours in the context of the time period and saying this is not sufficent. So, what can you do to convey the fact that you have far more experience than they require.

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Well, I was employed only from September to April, part-time, at different institution each year. In one year I was hired as a teacher while in another year I was hired as a research assistant at the university setting. While teaching and research assistants are under the same category of "University research and teaching assistant" according to CIC National Occupational List, thus they are regarded as a single occupation, my experience was not exactly continuous. However, the number of hours has reached more than a full-time one-year job.

So any suggestions? Anyone who got accepted in their application even though their experience is not exactly continuous (e.g., not working during a month but continues afterwards)?

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I don´t think teaching assistant and research assistant are under the same category. Both are clearly counted as experience but to probably both don´t fall under category 38 unless your experience letter clearly mentions it. Probably you can fit TA to category 38 but I don´t think you can fit RA to category 38 by any mean. Follow operational procedures and NOC guidelines you will find the answer and probably a hint about how to proceed.
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