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Subject: The Indian Consulate Toronto is Very Helpful
  I am posting this topic to share my experience at the Indian Consulate Toronto. I had heard many negative and obnoxious comments about the Indian Consulate prior to my visit there. But my experience was incredibly pleasant and good right from the front staff to the officers. They were very helpful and cooperative. My passport had expired since 5 years and it was renewed in 8 weeks without any problem. I did not have my Canadian landed papers either. The Consul, Mr. Tirath Singh advised me to submit the necessary documents for the procedure and I got my passport in the time frame given to me. I am extremely grateful and thankful to the Indian Consulate and Mr. Tirath Singh for their help. There have been many derogatory remarks passed by people against the Indian Consulate Toronto and the officers. Before they criticize, such people should realize that government procedures take time and require the correct documentation. The Consulate is there to help people like us. Kindly approach with the correct attitude and respect to the officers and then see the results. I am sure your experience will be rewarding and satisfying like mine. Please do not criticize the Officers. There can be delays and we may be asked to submit additional documents as required during the process. We should realize that this is the part of the official government procedure. Hope my post removes the wrong impression that the people have in their minds about the Indian Consulate and the Officers. Once again I express my gratitude to Mr. Tirath Singh and the whole Consulate for their help. I am glad I approached the Consulate personally and could form my own positive judgement rather than believing the offensive and derogatory remarks posted by people. I encourage the people not to believe what they hear but go to the Consulate and see the service. I am sure many people will agree with me once they approach the Consulate in an earnest and polite manner.
Kalwinder Kaur
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Wow, that is interesting story - thanks for sharing.
thanks to Indian consulate (in reply to: The Indian Consulate Toronto is Very Helpful)
WOW this post will really help Indian people!!!!!!!!!! and take away the negative immpression about Indian consulate!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Indian consulate and staff

efficiency in working (in reply to: The Indian Consulate Toronto is Very Helpful)
It is very common to hear and read negative views of people working in Consulate General Office but very rare to have some good views about them (which are generally overlooked).
I feel the embarrassment can be reduced or eliminated once we do our home work well. We should read the Instructions properly, compile the documentation accordingly and then represent.

During last 5 years, I had been to the Consulate Office twice once for getting Indian VISA and then for getting my OCI. The front line staff was not much impressive but the Officer who dealt with me was very courteous and showed me full respect. Work was completed in one go on both occasions.

Certainly the front line staff needs to be more disciplined and they should be given proper training before they are deputed to foreign countries as they represent the nation. They should be polite, pleasant and co-operative and also be able to educate people wherever

I am sure the Officers will look into this to boost the immage od their contry in general and their office in particular.

Manjit Singh
Good to hear about improvement (in reply to: The Indian Consulate Toronto is Very Helpful)
It is interesting and useful to hear positive comments about the Indian Consulate Office in Toronto and the Officers there. So far I have heard people complain about how they are treated and about the front line staff being unreasonably rude. It is encouraging to hear that the officers are courteous and helpful. I agree that the consulate represents the image of the country, the officers and the office. Considering this I hope we continue to hear the pleasant experiences of the people. Great to hear that the environment has improved at the Toronto office and hope the frontline is trained according to international standards while dealing with public. Thanks to the persons who share their pleasant experience at the consulate and brought out the positive and good picture of Indian Consulate Toronto to the masses. It will help many people to clear the bad impression formed in their minds since years.
Irresposible indian embassy employees (in reply to: The Indian Consulate Toronto is Very Helpful)
please do maintain one person receive the calls...

we do have phones and employees who is taking goo salaries but never receives the calls...why there is no need of those many useless´s better to send them back instead of wasting public money...

and no one responds the email..what ever u write they will never respond. then why do we have the website with email addresses.....this is kind of nonsence....there is no compaints column in the website....

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Sheshukumar, most of us have no idea what you are talking about.

Indian Consulate is very helpful. (in reply to: The Indian Consulate Toronto is Very Helpful)
I do not understand either. Consul Mr Tirath singh is no more in Toronto. I discovered this when I visited last month. He was indeed very helpful and cleared things smoothly. People were happy with Singh except some who do not get visa easily anywhere in the world because of some reasons. If you go to the consulate office now you can feel the difference. Things are not good now.
J. Singh
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Thank you.

J. Singh
Lazy employees, don't know what is customer service is? (in reply to: The Indian Consulate Toronto is Very Helpful)
All lazy emploees out there, they just know how to collect money from government and do nothing,not even good customer service. They still think they are in India, even Indian Govenrment has been change now, but these laZy dogs will never change. They never think about Indian Reputation.People like this, always get bad impression on other Countries.
RE: Lazy employees, don't know what is customer service is? (in reply to: The Indian Consulate Toronto is Very Helpful)
I totally agree, 100 out of 1 can give good feed back about them. The lady who receives the phone is so mindless she dont even understand english properly.

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