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Subject: Abu Dhabi Police Certificate for Canada (Detailed)
  Detailed instructions on How to get police certificate and attest it:

1)Get 2 pictures of the passport size (never needed for male, but to please the security guys, female may actually need one)
2)Get your ID (emirates residence card is preferable, passport flies with no problems, they will ask you to make a copy of the front page and your current or last expired plus visit visa in the office);
3)Get 200dhs (it´s actually 167 or 176, but just to be safe)
4)Go to Shaabia Police station if you are the male or to police GHQ (general head quarters) if you are female. Take a taxi, they will know the direction.
Even though they will tell you by phone that guys can go to the GHQ as well, and even though there is a piece of paper sticked to the wall of GHQ showing the direction for males to go – there is no service provided for men in GHQ. Go to Shaabia, save your time. Both offices are working till 2pm, yet there is fat chance to not find anyone there at 1.00 pm already, come before that. I arrived to Shaabia police station 1.15, had to visit them next day.
5)Ask the directions from the security and follow the instructions. Once you get there, it´s all pretty clear, give your papers to one guy, mention to him that you are doing it for Canada (sounds patriotic, eh?), fill up form with your phone and address and join another guy in a quest of acquiring your fingerprints from the big scary machine with a camera (no photos needed). Make sure that you share a proper mobile phone with the first guy as that will be the only way to contact you and meet anywhere you want to hand you the documents.
6)Wait 3-5 days. (Do not count Fridays and Saturdays as well as any other holidays.)
7)People from Empost company will call you and arrange a meeting to hand over the certificate, which you will need to attest in the ministry of the foreign affairs. Do not rush to that place just yet, you still will need to do lots of things.
8)Go to ADCB bank (any branch) and buy 50 e-dirhams. That will cost you 52 normal dirhams, surprise-surprise.
9)Go to the Ministry of Interior. Bring your police certificate and 50 e-dirhams with you. The place is located close to Mussafah road, you almost reach the Grand Mosque on the way to it, ask the taxi drivers again, they will know. That place is open from 8 till 2.50, yet again, 2.10 maybe too late if you are not pushy enough.
10)Pass through the security gate, hand over your ID and switched off mobile. Say yes, if they ask you about “eid-dirham” card or “eight-dirham” card; they actually mean “e-dirham” card, which you have acquired during step 8. Proceed to the reception, see that there is no one at the reception desk, pretend to be surprised. Afterwards, go to the second (which is the third from the ground) floor and turn right at the first corridor, then turn right again. If you are lost, ask cleaners, they usually know everything. Do not be surprised if they start speaking Arabic with you, just follow the gestures.
11)There will be the guy sitting in front of the big desk, hand over your certificate and e-dirhams to him and ask him to stamp the certificate. If the guy is missing, start running around and asking everyone about stamp on your certificate until someone will find the right person for you.
12)Once this is done, go downstairs and find someone to certify the stamp (you will receive the instructions from the person stamping the certificate). If no one is at the reception again, ask any random dude in the uniform, may work. As the result at this stage you should have two stamps on your certificate – one is round, signed by colonel in the place you´ve received the certificate from, another one is squared with signature and some Arabic words on it.
13)Now you can actually go to the Ministry of the foreign affairs to certify your certificate initially stamped with a certified stamp... Go to the main branch, which is located in the building next to the Carefour at the airport road or to the Marina mall, under the Paris section. Places are open from 8 to 1 pm, as usual, doors will be closed 15 minutes before that. Both branches have their phone numbers available through 181 service.
14)To receive the certificate the same day, pay 150dhs, if you are not in a hurry, pay 100dhs and receive it next working day.
15)Enjoy the view of your police certificate for another 3 months, until it´s expiration. After that return to the step 1.

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the detailed reply. Is the police clearance certificate issued in arabic? Is it necessary to attest it?You mentioned about two places 1) ministry of interior 2) ministry of external affairs?

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The police certificate will look like one double-sided A4 piece of paper with stamps and both Arabic and English words on it.

As for attestation, it is not mentioned in any list of requirements for visa I have come across, but every officer in UAE will assure you that attestation is required in order to make the certificate valid outside UAE and will push you through the whole process mentioned in the previous post. And you will have to visit both places I have mentioned because in order to get police certificate attested by the ministry of external affairs, it will have to be attested by the ministry of interiors first.

Besides I have submitted mine already and I am in Canada for about a month now, so I assume I did it right.

Please do not hesitate to update this post though if you figure out that attestation is not required.

Good luck!

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hi alex,

good day!

im working here in abu dhabi as a room attendant for more than 2 yrs., and i want to get a police clearance certificate here. i need some info/answers from you that if it is ok that i dont have emirates i.d yet cause it is still on process in identity autority here ,is it possible that i will present only my original passport and they will allow me to get the police clearance certificate?

thank you


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Hello cel!

Clearly this question is a bit out of my authority by now, but at the time I did it, I didn´t have emirates i.d. neither. All what I needed was passport and visa stamp in it. Frankly speaking they even took the copy of the expired visa stamp at first and were ok with it until I told them so... But I wouldn´t count on it.

So the bottom line is if they are still not pushing too hard on the implementation of i.d. thing, just passport and visa stamp should do the trick.

Please, let everyone know in case if they became stricter.


hi alex (in reply to: Abu Dhabi Police Certificate for Canada (Detailed))

thank you for your detailed reply, again i have other questions, when did you get your police clearance? and it is ok that its only a copy of my visa and passport will do? cause´ my original passport and visa is in my company.

pls reply

God bless


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If you mean the whole process, it took me a few weeks, because of all mistakes I did, that´s y I put this description in here. I think if you do everything right straight away, you can manage to get it in a week time, no problems. Otherwise it will take about two weeks, assuming they do everything slow.

As for the original, I would be guessing they will ask for it as your residential status may have changed since the time you made a copy of your passport. But if there is no way to get your passport from the company, than you might as well just give it a try)

Please don´t forget to update this topic with your findings.


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i was able to processed y police clearnce certificate and without any hard procedures, waiting and frustration to be in line.

i was been in shaadia, musafah police station at 5 a.m, and when i arrived their i was surprised that the person who are fallin in line is around 25 , and all i can say what a hell!!!. then we waited thr for til 11 a.m and the filing was begun, they started 11 cause it´s ramadan...aorund 12 noon the officer announce tht they will accept only 15 person and i was in a 26th and they said comeback for the nxt day... i was frustrate but my second option is in khalifa city police station and hurrdly i looked for a taxi and 25 minutes i was in khlifa police station and it was qrter to 1 pm already and i ask the officer/receptionist and he give me drection which room should a enter and then walaaa! in just a matter of 7 minutes a finished ,,, and the officer who accept my application is a lady aging 20 yrs of age and a very humble and approachable, and also i was surprised that their are no people except the two police officer and one cleaner....and that office is full of silence....thanks God!!!! now i will wait for 7 days maximum bfre the police crtifcate will be given by the empost...and the only advantage if you have a emirates I.d.(theym will not acccept you to process the clearnce if u dont have emrts i.d..

lex: can u ask your FB account?

thanks lex


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Well, great news! Congratulations on this almost entirely positive experience of yours) Good luck further on,


Fees 200 Uae Drams (in reply to: Abu Dhabi Police Certificate for Canada (Detailed))
I Jaspal Singh.I had submitted my appication for Abudhabi Police clearance certificate.I had sent USD 35/Dollars for certificate fees. Thefinger print section has received my appication and my DD of 35USD return to me and sent me a letter to deposit 200/-Drams in cash. Please let me know how can I deposit cash because I am at Canada?The department has sent me letter of abudhabi poice address p.o. box 253 Abudhabi Police Finger Print Section Abudhabi.Please let me the correct location of the Office so that if i wil send some body for fees so he could find out.pl.give office ph,no.for verifivation,email address also
Jaspal Singh
Sorry (in reply to: Abu Dhabi Police Certificate for Canada (Detailed))
I am sorry to be unable to help, but that happened half a year ago and even then I was not aware of their proper address. Seems like you got all the proper namings from that e-mail they sent you, plus I have some in the initial post. I am afraid you will have to do a bit of research yourself. The reason I did not post any phone numbers at the first place was a chance that those will be changed but will remain online. 6 months ago it was not a problem to find those contact details by googling them. I am sure it is not a big deal until now.