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Does any one know that my sister in law who is MA in English from Pakistan and living with her husband in Dubai. Can she apply for Alberta PNP as a principal applicant in relation to my wife? she does not have any job experience but can show a school teaching experience from Pakistan.


Kamran Aslam

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This post is interesting, I have very similar situation and would really know the outcome of this situation.

Thanks everyone for answering.

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"she does not have any job experience but can show a school teaching experience from Pakistan."

...does not have...but can show....

Why do you post like this? What people think about your other fellow countrymen? ......oh my are already in Canada and....

Personally I wish you all the best, but isn´t it some kind of underestimation of the system!

God bless Canada!

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So what is the difference between a school teaching experience and job experience? Was she working for free?

Where it stands, it seems that your sister is not elegible to apply under the PNP in Alberta. Get her to do the self assessment quiz that is in the website.

How can the province justify a position for her when she has no experience?
Think about it.

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hi,i am vicky from india i am applied for pnp under family stream in nov2008 .my brother receive file aug2009. i am want to know how much time for pr
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For applying under PNP your sister in law does not have to have a job experience even she is the principal applicant. Only one of the spouses should have job experience under this category. They both need to pass the IELTS test with minimun 4 score.
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