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Subject: Help with Qatar!
  I´m desperately trying to sponsor my husband (CA, U.S.A.). Here´s our situation: Married 2005 before his military deployment overseas. He was residing in Qatar for six months on military duty with the U.S. Army, therefore he does not have any kind of current/expired visa for his time in Qatar. Immigration Canada is requesting a Police Clearance for him from Qatar. We tried to obtain one from the Qatari Embassy in Washington, D.C. in 2007 (mailed in request) and have not yet heard from them! I e-mail them constantly, but can´t ever seem to get info or CONFIRMATION that they´ve received anything. This is causing a huge delay in our sponsorship and we´re dying to be together. Does anyone know a sure way of obtaining a police clearance from Qatar for a U.S. Military soldier (currently residing in U.S.A) who was in tour in Qatar for six months (therefore without a visa/permit)? This is driving us nuts, as it is the only obstacle in our way. Please help.
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Hi there, Explain your situation to CIC clearly; I am sure they will understand.

As I understand, if you don´t have visa then yoyu are not in their file. Hence, you won´t get any paper.

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You might want to discuss the US embassy in Qatar, they might be able to direct you in the right direction.. just food for thought...


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Thank you for your replies. I looked into the visa, I was able to contact the Embassy of Qatar today and they told me that they WILL refuse our request for a police clearance from Qatar because he does not have the resident stamp in his passport (he was on tour for the u.s. army and doesn´t have the residency stamp...) If we can´t get a police clearance from Qatar can we still continue with the sponsorship applications? Or will they be refused?

Are any other soldiers who have been on tour for longer than six months and are immigrating to Canada having this problem?

Thank you

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