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Subject: sponsorship of dependent child
  I have a question that if sponsorship application for a dependent child is submitted by the sponsor and if it is approved, can the sponsor go back to its country and work there on his job until his dependent child gets visa stamped from local visa office; despite the fact that he has declared that he is resident of canada.

Who can sponsor? (in reply to: sponsorship of dependent child)
You reside in Canada;

Canadian citizens not residing in Canada may sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner and/or dependent children who have no dependent children of their own. Canadians travelling abroad as tourists are not considered to be residing outside Canada.

Sponsors not residing in Canada must provide evidence that they reside exclusively outside Canada on the date of giving the undertaking and will reside in Canada at the time their sponsored spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner and/or children become permanent residents of Canada. Evidence that they will reside in Canada may include one or more of the following:
letter from an employer;
letter of acceptance to a Canadian educational institution;
proof of having rented/bought a dwelling in Canada;
reasonable plans for re-establishing in Canada or severing ties to the other country.


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