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Subject: Work permit extension without LMO

I am an international student who studied for 1 year and got a 1 year post graduation work permit. Am currently residing in Glace Bay, NS and am working as a Customer Service Associate at a company here. I was looking forward to obtain a work permit extension through LMO.

But, CIC asked my company for the authorization to sponsor for my airfare and 1 year´s medical expenses if anything happens to my job. So, my company said that it will not be possible.

I was also wondering of doing my studies so that I can get PR later but I wouldn´t be able to do it under Canadian Experience class because I don´t have the 1 year skilled work experience in NOC B (I only have 6 months of NOC B experience and the remaining in NOC C). So, PR under Canadian Experience class is not possible at this well

So, I was just wondering if there were any other ways in order to get my work permit extended or to survive in Canada. Please shed some light on me so that I can continue my stay here


Arun Janarthanan

Arun Janarthanan
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