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Does the Govt of Canada screen immigrants for HIV and AIDS?
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Yes. That is covered in the medical exam; however, if you are a sponsored spouse or dependant it does not make you inadmissible and will not affect your application.
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Adam, while your statement is generally true, I am not sure it is 100% true in all cases. I understand that medical inadmissablity rules are different for spousal but if it was 100% true, why would CIC ask for a medical exam in the first place?
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Medical exam for spouse being sponsored is done to rule out conditions (TB, etc.) which can endanger public health and also to determine whether they need to be under surveillance (Inactive TB, HIV, etc.) once they enter Canada. Spouse and dependents are exempt from excessive demand requirements.
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to sharon and adam/

i´m being sponsored by my wife under the dependandts of live in caregiver.i´ve just finished my medical exam recently and waiting for the results of the question is that i had a disease in my both eyes and was operated 5 years ago and since then my eyes is going very right eye is almost blind and my left eye is still clear doctor told me that my eyes will be alright as long i will have my regular check up twice a question,is my medical condition will not cause excessive demand and cause inadmissibility under the spousal wife told me that i should pass the medical so that she can be granted permanent resident.i hope that somebody could share some ideas.



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