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Here is an article where Lawyer´s I know are arguing that impoverished H&C applicants should not have to pay for processing fees for their H&C applications.

Most Immigration Officers would never show a failed refugee claimant compassion if they have been on welfare for some considerable time even if they deserved same.

The comments at the bottom show how little most know about H&C applications which do not prevent ones removal from Canada.

Please note this quote which is far more interesting!

"The estimated success rate varied from 50 per cent to 75 per cent. Some cases also involve Canadian-born children."

They take years to fight and is that estimated success rate for all H&C applicants or just the ones that are still in Canada at the end of processing at Stage 1?


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i think its about 10 per cent
the lowest rate is for failed refuge claimant
and the highest rate about 80 per cent is for peoples who come from countries under moratory of removal (included failed refuge )like congo, somalia and a couple of countries

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