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Subject: bringing my adopted 11yr sister to Canada
How do I bring my 11year old sister (she has recently been adopted by my parents) to Canada to live with me. I am canadian citizen
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Not easy but your parents can try sponsoring her if they are Canadian citizens or permanent resident. You can be sure the process will be longer than the standard family class application. The adoption must be in compliance with UN Convention, official court documents about the adoption is almost to be expected. The child personal background will be assessed to see if the adoption is a mean to circumvent immigration process, human trafficking, whereabout are the child´s biological parents ... etc.

If your parents are not Canadian citizens or PR, you can sponsor them and the adopted daughter can be listed as their dependent. Sponsoring parents and grandparents may take up about 6 years in some countries - and you are expected to fulfill financial eligibility from application to landing, as well as all the sponsorship undertakings.

For your information, Mississauga is only assessing parent type sponsorship application received around August / September 2006 ... (and that´s just the sponsor part, not applicant).

The applicant part will start when an officer picks up the application for preliminry review. That could be a year to two after the application is transferred to the overseas embassy. If there are no complication, will take about two to three years to finalize.

You can check it out at the CIC website at - go to link: sponsor a family.

Good luck.

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missy I am not expert but I think you can sponsor her because she is a minoren(under 18 years old)


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