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Subject: Fingerprinting report from FBI

Me and my husband are applying for PR. One of the requirements is fingerprinting report from FBI. We re in Illinois USA on H1 visa. we have tried locally to get the fingerprinting done. But the Local police refused to do fingerprinting for the immigrtion purpose. How we get this done. Can we ask the police that we required it for employment purpose. Otherwise they dont do it. Secondly, does the INK CARD(fingerprinting) ok to send FBI.

Pls urgently advise.. it shall be highly appriciated.


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u should look at the yellow pages and search for " FBI Fingerprinting" ... once u find an office, they usually will do the fingerprinting on an appointment base, then they´ll just give u the card and u send it to the FBI office.
after few weeks u´ll recieve it...
just look for that office and they should explain to u how to do the whole thing

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We just went to the driving records office and asked them for a national FBI clearance records. They charged approx $25 and we got it in 3 weeks...

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