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Subject: Case transfer
  Hello Everybody

I am a new member and I am a Pakistani student in Belgium.I have been reading this forum for some time and found it very useful.I applied for Canadian immigration under Federal skilled worker Programme in October 2007 from Paris.One month back I received letter from CHC Paris to submit documents so that my application will be processed.Last week I have send my documents to the CHC Paris.

There are high chances that I will go back to Pakistan in September 2009 permanently.I request members to guide me that in a such situation my file will be automatically transferred to Pakistan or my case will be processed in Paris and I will be informed in Pakistan?

I am thankful to the contributions of different members whose contributions at this forum helped me a lot to complete my application.

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u should go to CIC website and look for the information there. once u move to Pakistan i think u have to transfe ur file too because every office is responsible for one geographical area, so once u move i think ur file has to move because there will be a change of ur address and it is based on that new address (pakistan) that u will have ur file transfered to the designated office.
look at the CIC website before u transfer anything, and e-mail them if you have to.
good luck

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