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Subject: Mr. Roy....Your Expert Comments are URG and MUST
  I am working/living in USA on H1B Visa with my family from last 1 Year. I had also applied for Canada PR 4 years back from India and I am waiting for Medicals Request from CHC New Delhi(India).

Due to recession my company is sending me to India in next 2 months. What I want is to know since my Canada PR is near to complete. Is there any way I could enter in Canada and work there for the time i.e. say 1 year till the time my PR is received, SO that Me and My family should not leave the USA / Canada.

I am also trying to look for job in USA but this seems the USA employer have stopped 100% looking at the H1B Visa holder.

If at this stage I am able to arrange some job offer from Canada will that help me in getting the PR early...

Please reply me soon as this is becoming very urgent matter for me.

Please advise what is the best approach, or whatever I am thinking is correct path or not.

Please guide me what is correct path I should follow, which is good and safe....

Thanks a Lot once again for your kind attention.

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You can not enter Canada and work without a work permit or a PR. To get a work permit, the company must issue a Labour Market Opinion which states that there is no Canadian that is able to do the job. So in the current economic climate it is going to be very difficult.

If you are no longer able to remain in the US, you will have to return home until your PR application has been processed in Canada.

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