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Subject: What's Next?
  We received your application for permanent residence on June 14, 2008.

We started processing your application on July 12, 2008.

Medical results have been received.

A decision has been made and you will be contacted.

We sent you a letter on November 26, 2008 to xxxxxxx Street Apt xxx, xxxxx, British Columbia, Canada, about the decision on your application. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us. If we have sent the letter to the wrong address, please contact us.

We received the requested information on January 4, 2009. Thank you for providing the information.

We received the requested information on January 24, 2009. Thank you for providing the information.

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I guess what I am wondering, what the next step is, we received a letter last week that says we are please to inform you your application has been completed, your fiel has been transfered to a local CIC office and you will be contacted about an interview time and date.

This is an in-Canada spousal application

How long before we are contacted for the interview?
will they give my wife her PR card right at the interview site or do e need to wait more?

Anyone who could inform me of the procedure is an angel!!

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What's Next (in reply to: What's Next?)
Positive is great, but could anyone share their experience on similar cases?

We have been trying to plan out honeymoon for a while but can´t book until this process is over.


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Nobody can tell me what I should expect next?
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why so anxious? youre with your spouse.
informations like that are positive.

soon, (in less 2weeks or at most) u will receive a letter for interview, date and location. usually that is just to confirm and verify the name and status of the applicant. should there be further interview...let your wife be ready.

pr card will be mailed a month after the interview.


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I am not sure what anonymous is talking about.

You have completed 1 of 2 stages in an inland sponsorship application. You (the Canadian) have been approved as the sponsor. Now the file moves on to the CIC office that looks after the home county of your wife.

How long the wait takes... depends. FOR SURE, it is not 2 weeks. It could be 2 months it could be 5 months. A lot will depend on whether they would like to have an interview with your wife or if the application is clear and straight forward and they can bypass the interview requirements.

Historical processing times can be found on cic.gc.ca. the time shown is separated into the 2 stages. The second stage (which you are in now) is listed by country. It will give you a range of how long you can expect things to take.

hope this helps

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Sharon, I received 3 letters already from Vegreville.
1- acknowledging my sponsorship application had been approved,

2- telling my wife she is elligible to be a permanent residence but they need the criminal record check

3- a letter letting us know the application process is complete and the file would be trasnfered to a local CIC office in Vancouver. The wording of this letter said "we Are pleased to informe you that your application has been completed"

The way I read this is that we are done, but not sure because I have read so much contradicting stuff.

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that is very different information than you posted originally.

CIC will contact you when the files arrive in Vancouver it will be a landing appointment - not an interview. Looks like you are done.

Play it safe - book your honeymoon in May

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Thank you Sharon, I don´t know how busy the vancouver office is, but this where our file ended up, I guess we just need to wait for them t contact us. it has been 2 weeks now since we got the last letter. Cheers!

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