Abadoning refugee case after two and half years

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Subject: Abadoning refugee case after two and half years
  Its been a long 2 1/2 yrs. since i filled inland application to become a refugee claimant.

Physchologically i am drained! waiting more than 2 1/2 years with no hearing date, no new information from immigration, my life has been in a stale mate.

I am very well educated, had a good life and a good job prior to arriving Canada. I dont know why i should make myself go through this pain.

Within one or two weeks, I intend to witdrawn my case and departing Canada voluntarily.

Goodluck to everyone still trying to get their permanent status, Its a beautiful country, and i hope to be back sometime in the future for holidays.

Cheers ;-

Tracy Xuauqui
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I know how you fill Tracy
You know? beffore of my hearing I went 2 times at immigration office to get my passaport back to live this country, and 2 times I change my mind
And now I blame my self why I did not live this F.... country 7 years ago when I stell had something back in EU
I do not ugry with you saying Canada is beautifull country I do not see nothing beautifull here, exsept the girls here in Montreal are so hot

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