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Subject: Dear Ms Sharon / Mr ROY
  Dear Sir / madam

In the form 10th question give the number of school you successfully completed for each of the following level of education

In the third box I wrote "5"

2 years for college
3 years for bachelor degree

But I passed my college in three years should I write 5 or 6

And should I make change in 12 question education also

How many years of formal education do you have

Please reply...


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Please need u r sugesstion
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Is a Tomato a fruit or a Vegetable?

Is sharing the same bed for four months cohabitation?

Is curry goat and sushi great tasting food?

Put down three years and explain on a separate piece of paper that the course was three years long and how you were able to finish same in two years.

Any thing we do with our five senses, we interpret. When we explain why we think Curry Goat or Sushi are great tasting foods it is more easily understood. So explain on a separate piece of paper and CHILL.


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Tomato is a fruit , peoples think that its a vegetable because its usualy cooked or eaten as vegetable
but by the BIOLOGIC side its a fruit.
as i always said ,if you have something to explain guys do it in a letter that you can add to your application,explain it here doesn t help.
good luck everyone

Very funny (in reply to: Dear Ms Sharon / Mr ROY)
Hi guys,

I have been reading a lot of posts here in this forum and some are really funny, but I guess we are here to help people who need it, and not make fun of it. Only a person who has waited years to get the PR status understand how it feels to be in the middle of nowhere. I guess eating tomatoe will not make you realize what it could be for someone to get this.

Hi Raju, I guess you have studied in a country where undergraduation is only three years, On the form you put 10 years for elemantary education, 2 for high scool and 3 for undergraduation.

If you need more help email me at
I do not charge any money for advising and I odnt make fun of people´s problems either. I work for an immigration consulting company in Vancouver, I may be able to help you with some questions.

Good luck

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While I think at times Roy can be a bit of a twit

I have NEVER seen him belittle someone in areas that it matters.
NOR have I seen him ask people to email him or try to even get people to use him.

IF you want to run an ad then do so.

I can tell you what I think of BC immigration consultants ...

had to go to Ontario to find one who had a clue.

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Have to ask just where do you see him making fun of anyone??

I see someone who is used to dealing with people that English is NOT the first language and often times it takes
a full example as above to get the point across.

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